World class water treatment for industrial, commercial, residential, and desalination applications using patented water extraction technology


The LFNano™ can be used for many applications.  Most obviously, it can displace current NF applications like softening.  In this case the traditional NF membrane system would require an expensive pre-treatment system to remove even the smallest suspended matter to get to an SDI of 3 or less.  However, the LFNano™ can operate at much higher solids loadings (not even on the SDI scale!).

Current NF applications are few; however, there are many more that a low-fouling NF system can economically displace when the fouling problem is economically mitigated.

The uses for the LFNano™ are many given the ease of use and the rejection of virtually all but the smallest of ions.  And for those applications where the small ions need to be removed, LFNano™ pre-treatment is second to none and will allow extremely simple operation of an RO system or even a thermal process.