World class water treatment for industrial, commercial, residential, and desalination applications using patented water extraction technology

Patented “Core Technology” – Water Extraction.

Core technology patented, United States Patent 8,685,252 – Vuong, et al. April 1, 2014

Abstract: Water treatment systems and methods are provided to minimize membrane fouling and the required maintenance that results therefrom. A water treatment system includes a pressure vessel with a plurality of spaced-apart membranes disposed therein, and an impeller or other means for circulating feed water through the interior of the vessel and past the membranes. Antifouling particles (such as diatomaceous earth or activated carbon) and/or pellets can be added to the feed water inhibit membrane fouling and extend the useful life of the membranes.

What does that mean?

The current state of the art for reverse osmosis systems is based on a couple of central ideas:
1. Since the membrane material itself is doing the work, roll elements as tightly as possible to maximize surface area
2. No need to be concerned with exclusion selectivity, the RO will remove (almost) everything
3. Make sure the membrane seen no suspended solids – Pretreat influent before the RO to the maximum extent possible so the RO sees only clear water
4. Use high pressure to maximize recovery

EconoPure™ turns conventional wisdom upside down. Yes, the membrane material is doing the work, but a tightly packed element is subject to rapid fouling, has little tolerance for suspended solids, and requires an inordinate amount of energy to drive the osmotic. It also has low recovery.

The patented “Water Extraction” technique takes a better approach:
1. OPEN the channels inside the element.
2. Use the RIGHT membrane for the application. 65% of water treatment applications do not need RO. In most applications nanofiltration is sufficient
3. Introduce a proprietary particulate in a highly controlled manner into the element so it provides a protective coating for the membrane
4. Provide internal recirculation to abet a multi-pass system
5. Eliminate multi-stage, expensive pretreatment

The result?

1. A highly efficient, high recovery system
2. Low pressure: lower capital costs, low energy consumption
3. Simplified operation
4. Low maintenance
5. Long-life membrane elements
Water Extraction – it is at the core of everything we do.