World class water treatment for industrial, commercial, residential, and desalination applications using patented water extraction technology


In 2009, EconoPure™ Water Systems designed the Depth Exposed Membranes for Water Extraction or DEMWAX™ system. A sea-based system, it made use of the natural pressure and water movement at depth to provide a free, renewable way to offset an energy intensive process. In the process natural pressure offsets most of the energy needed for sea water reverse osmosis (SWRO) and surface water treatment.

In 2014, EconoPure™ redefined the DEMWAX™ technology to eliminate the long sea-to-shore umbilical and filed a new patent application for its onshore, well-based system.

The new DEMWAX II™ technology highlights:

• 70% reduction in energy use over traditional SWRO processes

• 50% reduction in total cost of water over traditional SWRO processes

• Elimination of process chemicals in water treatment/SWRO pre-treatment

• Low pressure intake does not “suck in” sea life

• Low-recovery (by design); ‘brine’ is not appreciably different from the influent – no environmental impact to discharge

• Less real estate and minimal infrastructure

• Long lasting elements (low waste)

See DEMWAX II White Paper here: EP DEMWAX II White Paper