World class water treatment for industrial, commercial, residential, and desalination applications using patented water extraction technology


EconoPure™ Water Systems was formed in 2007 by Michael S. Motherway and Diem X. Vuong as an R&D company (DXV Water Technologies) to commercialize the water treatment inventions of Mr. Vuong, a 40-year water treatment industry veteran and world-renowned membrane expert. The first product introduced by EconoPure™ was DEMWAX™ (depth-exposed membrane for water extraction), an ultra-low energy, natural pressure seawater desalination system.

The engineers at EconoPure™ then employed the experience of the DEMWAX™ membrane system to develop the “Low-Fouling Nanofiltration System” or LFNano™, a scalable treatment solution for industrial and municipal wastewater.

In 2011 the company successfully tested the first LFNano™ and has since established itself as a global leader in nanofiltration technology. Subsequent technological advances have made the LFNano™ the professionals’ choice for enhanced performance and decrease cost – both capital and operating.

In 2014, EconoPure™ was granted a US patent for the LFNano™ and introduced a revolutionary patent-pending point-of-use (POU)
system as well as the Revolver™ – the next generation LFNano™.

Also in 2014, EconoPure™ redesigned and filed a new patent for its disruptive desalination technology; DEMWAX II™.

In 2015, EconoPure™ applied for a patent for EconoVap™ – a brine evaporating system designed to work with LFNano™ to economically achieve true zero liquid discharge (ZLD).