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Water Reuse.

Water reuse – the model of water reuse within municipal systems is often one of sewage collection to a centralized facility, treatment to discharge standards then a final treatment step to reach reuse standards. Then after all that the water is re-distributed in a separate distribution system for specific, non-potable, needs. The high cost of small scale wastewater treatment is reflected in that model.  If wastewater could be treated to reuse standards on a small scale then this model might be turned on its head.  Small treatment units could create reuse quality water without collection and re-distribution.

Since small scale waterwater treatment is plagued by very high unit cost (cost per unit of capacity) small systems are priced out of the market and the model is biased to collection, treatment and re-distribution.

The LFNano™ allows low-cost, small-scale wastewater treatment to very high standards while eliminating the complex biological step. Where a reuse load exists near a sewage line, small scale remote treatment can save many steps while the concentrate (or sludge) is put in the sewer to be treated at the traditional end of line plant.