World class water treatment for industrial, commercial, residential, and desalination applications using patented water extraction technology

Hotel/Restaurant/Coffee Shop Water Treatment.

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With the varying standards of municipal water around the world, many hotels, restaurants, commercial kitchens, and coffee shops have onsite water treatment systems. Reverse Osmosis (RO) have traditionally been the preferred choice for chemical, virus, and bacteria-free water.

Additionally, treated water is optimized for:
• Soda water post mixers
• Ice cube makers
• Coffee and tea brewing machines
• Steamers
• Table drinking water
• Food and sauce preparations

However, there are significant shortcomings to RO:

• RO systems are low recovery, often less than 40% creating unnecessary water waste
• RO systems operate at high pressure and are energy intensive
• RO systems are maintenance intensive and require frequent cleaning and/or element replacement
• RO systems strip the water of minerals that are valuable for drinking taste and cooking quality
• RO systems usually require pre and post process treatment

The EconoPure™ LFNano™ system mitigates the problems with traditional RO systems. The LFNano™ systems provide many benefits for commercial kitchen or restaurants:

• Restaurant equipment maintenance and breakdown is reduced by as much as 75%.
• Beverages, ice and even food taste and smell better
• Lower energy costs
• Significant reductions is water waste
• Stand-alone system – no pre or post process treatment required

The LFNano™ is not only the best product drinking water, cooking, and sanitation, it is also environmentally friendly, saving energy and minimizing water waste, which is vitally important in areas such as drought-stricken California.

LFNano™ Commercial Max. Capacity (Permeate)* Max. Operating Pressure Max. Recovery* Max. NaCL Rejection* Hardness Removal Virus/Bacteria Rejection Power **
2000 GPD 100 PSI 93% 90% 90% 99.99% 110 V, Single Phase, 60 Hz

LFNano™ commercial systems are sold in modules, each module has a maximum capacity of 2000 GPD. For example, an application requiring 10,000 GPD will employ five LFNano™ commercial modules integrated into a total solution.

* The ultimate capacity, recovery, and rejection is a function of membrane selection. LFNano™ is offered with multiple membrane options to optimize efficiency and to create the perfect ‘designer water’ for each application.

** Other options available on request